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Mkahawani Joint

Brand Story

It started off as a hobby around the Covid-19 global crisis period when families and friends found plenty of time to hang around, chat and share a homely cup of Kahawa thungu/thamu’ (bitter/sweet coffee) that Saidi made. Now Saidi is one of the numerous traditional coffee sellers on the streets of Tononoka, Mombasa.

We collaborated closely with Saidi carefully crafting the name, strategy, and visual identity to come up with a captivating Brand Identity that would conserve the Swahili culture and yet blend with the modern times.

We also tried to visualize the brand by creating an appealing logo reveal that would give life to the logo design and the whole brand entirely as another marketing tool in the digital space.

1/1 Marketing Mkahawani Joint

The power of marketing a brand has always had a shock value to many business owners.

Saidi would attest to this since his usual business opening hours found him unprepared since customers would flock to the shadowy kiosk for the cup of Kahawa an hour earlier.

1/2 Social Media

Saidi utilizes his photography skills to provide us with comprehensive photos which we gladly incorporate with the brand design elements which helped in building powerful social media marketing.

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