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Pronto Whole Foods

Brand Story

Pronto Whole Foods; is a fast-growing whole food store in Burundi.

We were contacted by their incredible team to create an identity representative of this awesome brand.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Pronto Wholefoods requested us to come up with an industrial packaging design for their wholefood products.

Different types of food packaging are made for different climates and consistencies of the packaged product. 

Having that in mind, some packaging materials are specially designed to withstand various weather conditions — boxes of produce, for example.

1/1 Challenge

Creating an environmentally friendly industrial package design that could withstand harsh environments.

1/2 Solution

We designed an eye-catching package that gives us confidence in increasing impulse e-commerce purchase, communicate the company’s quality standards, and help promote engagement across social media platforms (aka unboxing videos!).

A well-thought-out packaging design will have a profoundly memorable impact on how customers feel about your brand.

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