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Brand Story

A praised single malt scotch whiskey Qyande promises the sherried sweetness and some spice carry over from the nose—a creamy brew made on a large scale.

Qyande, fortunately, is one brand that is easy to love immediately. The only whiskey with its own Master of Wood, Qyande; based in India, is set to be the largest-selling single malt Whiskey in the world when it hits the global market in 2025.

Delicate, charred smokiness permeates the dram.

Brand design and product packaging decisions are often as important as the ingredients used to create the product. Your brand/or product story can be a rich design hence easy in marketing stages.

The look and feel of the bottle itself have become almost as important as the contents. Manufacturers and brand designers need to consider how to package their brand being mindful of its customers.

Branding & Functionality

Managing a brand’s footprint helps maintain its identity and story.

Similarly, through a comprehensive brand story & content creation, brands are usually reflected in consumers’ perceptions of a brand’s features, usefulness, competence, skillfulness, quality, efficiency, reliability, style, and design whilst resonating more deeply with their audience’s long-term.

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