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Quality Branding

Eye-catching, high-quality graphics are a powerful way to get your reader’s attention. You may have noticed how eye-catching photos can cause you to share them.

Similarly, eye-catching graphics can help your site earn a higher search engine ranking—and this is especially true for sites with high-quality graphics.

A study conducted by Searchmetrics found that 80% of people prefer to read articles with images compared to text only.

That’s why visuals are such a powerful tool.

Premium Graphics/Images

We like to think of graphics as “visual puns.” People love puns, but they tend only to enjoy them if they have an underlying meaning.

We’ve found that many people will pay attention to content just so long as there are high-quality graphics.

High-quality graphics on a page increases the click-through rate (CTR) It would be best to consider using high-quality graphics representing your website’s products or services to increase the CTR.

Video Integration

One area we’re still looking to expand on is integrating video content into a blog post, not just as a standalone video but rather as a part of the content itself.

There’s nothing quite like video content to keep people engaged and on topic. Research has it that 60% of consumers are looking for videos that tell stories, help them understand products and services, or entertain them.

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