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Lomo Wear

Branded clothes are slowly taking over everything. Nowadays, most people go for them instead of purchasing local clothes. Thousands of brands are now running online, selling clothes. There is no denial of the fact that branded clothes boost your confidence. They make you stand out in the crowd and feel secure. 

You can shop our Lomo Wear if you are looking for the top fashion trends in Kenya. 


Lomo Wear would definitely add elegance to your style and a high sense of decency hence adding a statement to your sense of fashion. Our colors do not fade any sooner, so you can wear the same t-shirt multiple times. 

With an elegant branded tee, you can add some accessories to make it look even more appealing

We promise no wear and tear any time sooner. Colors stay the same and don’t just come off after one wash. Always look for quality, not quantity.

With local clothes, you’ll have to spend money over and over again, but with branded clothes, it’s just a one-time spend, enough to keep you going on for months. Lomo Wear is famous for retaining its long-term originality.


Lomo Wear is designed for a comfy feel. Made from high-quality material that matches your comfort level. You can even wear them on long flights. 

They make you feel relaxed and happy. 

Available in all sizes. You can select your size according to your physique and rock in it with your favorite accessories on.

Whether going to the gym, at a party or dressing casually at home, customized brands are always there to make you feel confident and comfortable. 

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