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Branding Process

What is the process for a Brand Identity project?

What steps does our Agency take to create a logo?

All good questions… worry less, we’ll make you smile!

Having a clear, tried and tested process is important for both us; the Agency, and our clients. It adds a layer of transparency to the entire project and ensures both parties know exactly where they are, with a realistic idea of what lies ahead of them.

A Road Map for Branding

We’ll be sharing our design processes for Branding & Web Design – mainly because these are iceberg projects.

Much of the real work lies hidden beneath the surface. Unless you have a background knowledge of brand identity or web design and development, there are stages in the project where the average client will wonder what we are doing! That is, unless you take the time to clearly communicate what needs to happen and when.

What better way to get this across than with a Roadmap, a little infographic we’ve created detailing the key stages of our design/creation process?

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