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TYLO’S Bakery


small-scale intended bread & cake production company started with a great passion for home baking. 

We came up with simple logo illustrations inspired by the nature of the 1st baked bun our client; Florence, baked. Referring to the photographed bun, we came up with a logo design for the same, illustrating a wheat spike curving around the bun symbolizing that all products are made out of wheat.

The colors used in creating TYLO’S BREAD CO. are Golden Brown as a result of well-heated wheat dough.  

Purpose of the Brand

Since this brand is a passion driven, it was easy for Florence to opt to take bread and cake production to a business-oriented practice based on her gradual but steadily improved skills over the years of home baking.

Happiness is the smell of freshly baked bread..

Packaging Design

Immediately after baking, bread quality starts to show signs of deterioration including loss of flavor and moisture, staling, and other undesirable textural changes in the crust and crumb parts.

For this reason, we came up with a mockup packaging design for the bread in low-density polyethylene plastic bag since it’s almost a universal practice.


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